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Welcome to HADO

The best Augmented Reality sport


The HADO Experience

At HADO Reading, we provide a new type of sport that integrates AR technology into a traditional game. HADO combines the physical and virtual worlds for a new multi-sensorial experience: real opponents, real workout, real immersion!

HADO Is for Everyone

HADO has been used in schools for COVID-safe sporting events, providing children with both physical and mental stimulation. HADO is also popular amongst young adults, interested in gaming and new technology. For the older generation, the sport provides a fitness distraction via HIIT. And, with fully customisable settings, based on the individual, HADO really is for everyone.


Top Notch Facilities

Join us at HADO Reading to see our new SPORTS ARENA, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for you and your friends to start battling it out on the court!


Look mum, we made it...

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