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Billy Idol - Save Me Now


France's Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti revealed the new Socialist government's plans to save money by greatly reducing the budget for the country's antipiracy agency HADOPI. In an interview published by Le Nouvel Observateur at the beginning of this month, she said, "In financial terms, [$14.7 million] a year and 60 officers [is an] expensive [way] to send a million emails. ... I will ask that HADOPI's costs are greatly reduced for 2012. ... I will announce in September the details of these budget decisions." Further changes are expected after March 2013, when a multistakeholder review of France's digital culture will report its recommendations.

It was a brilliant gathering. Society, as usual, in costly evening gowns and correct swallow-tails rubbed elbows with names famous in the world of Art and Letters. Everywhere were gay laughter and sparkling repartee. Even the austere-faced J. G. Winthrop unbent to the extent of grim smiles in response to the laudatory comments bestowed upon the pictured image of his idol, his beautiful daughter.

To teach her! To save her, indeed! Very well, he should see! And forthwith, from that moment, Alice Greggory's chief reason for living became to prove to Mr. M. J. Arkwright that he needed not to teach her, to save her, nor yet to sympathize with her. 781b155fdc


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