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Moacir Santos: A Brazilian Music Legend and His Songbook

Moacir Santos: A Brazilian Music Legend and His Songbook

Moacir Santos was a Brazilian composer, arranger, saxophonist and educator who influenced generations of musicians with his innovative and original style. He is considered one of the greatest Brazilian composers of all time, and his music blends elements of jazz, samba, choro, baiÃo and other genres.

One of his most remarkable works is the songbook "Cancioneiro Moacir Santos: Ouro Negro" (Songbook Moacir Santos: Black Gold), which contains 46 compositions by Santos, arranged by Mario Adnet and ZÃ Nogueira. The songbook was published in 2005, along with a double CD that features performances by some of the best Brazilian artists, such as Milton Nascimento, Djavan, Gilberto Gil, JoÃo Donato and many others.

Moacir Santos Partituras Pdf

The songbook is a treasure for musicians and music lovers who want to explore the rich and diverse musical universe of Moacir Santos. It shows his music in a clear and accessible way, so that it can be played by different ensemble formations. The songbook includes scores for piano (accompaniment) and melodic instrument, as well as lyrics for some songs. It also has an introduction by Mario Adnet and ZÃ Nogueira, a biography of Moacir Santos by Regina Werneck, and a glossary of musical terms.

The songbook can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive[^1^], where it is available in PDF format. It is also possible to find some individual scores from the songbook on Scribd[^2^], such as "Coisa n.9" (Thing n.9), one of the most famous compositions by Santos.

Moacir Santos was a genius of Brazilian music who left a legacy of beauty and creativity that deserves to be known and appreciated by more people. His songbook is a great opportunity to discover his music and learn from his mastery.

Moacir Santos was born on July 26, 1926 in Flores do Pajeú, Pernambuco. His mother died when he was two years old, and as his father had already left the family, he was taken in by another family. He grew up in poverty but his adoptive family assisted him with attending school and music lessons. By age 14, he could play the saxophone, banjo, guitar and mandolin. As a teenager, he played in the band of the Military Police of Parabia and later became the band's conductor. He eventually ran away from home, becoming an itinerant musician moving around Pernambuco looking for employment and even, for a time, working in a travelling circus.

In 1948, Santos moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he worked as a saxophonist and conductor at a dance club and at RÃdio Nacional. He studied with Hans-Joachim Koelreutter, a German composer and teacher who introduced him to modern harmony and classical music. He also became a private tutor for many young musicians who would later become famous in the Bossa Nova movement. Santos composed songs with Vinicius de Moraes, one of the most renowned Brazilian poets and lyricists. He also wrote scores for several Brazilian films, such as The Guns (1964) by Ruy Guerra and Ganga Zumba (1963) by Cacà Diegues.

In 1967, Santos and his wife, Cleonice, moved to Pasadena, California, hoping to work in Hollywood. However, he faced many difficulties and prejudices as a black Brazilian immigrant. He continued to teach music from his home and met some American jazz musicians who admired his work, such as Horace Silver and Kenny Burrell. He also recorded some albums for Blue Note Records, such as The Maestro (1972), which was nominated for a Grammy Award. His music was praised by critics but did not reach a large audience. He died on August 6, 2006 at the age of 80.

Moacir Santos was a brilliant and original composer who created a unique musical language that combined Brazilian rhythms and melodies with jazz harmonies and orchestration. His songbook is a testament to his genius and creativity, as well as his generosity and dedication as a teacher. His music deserves more recognition and appreciation by the public and by other musicians. 29c81ba772


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