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Imagiam Lenticular Effects 'LINK'

Morphing (the changing of one shape into another) is more complex: there are dedicated programs, or the effects are included in some animation programs such as Cinema 3D or Adobe After Effects. Frames from movie clips can be extracted relatively easily.

Imagiam Lenticular Effects

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For true stereoscopic 3D you need a camera system that takes pairs of images from different viewpoints. There has been a handful of 3D digital cameras on the market in recent years, though all seem to have been withdrawn now. The most prominent was the amateur-oriented Fujifilm Real 3D W1 and second-generation W3 cameras (such as that pictured below, currently available second-hand for around USD/EUR500), which had two lenses and sensors plus a built-in lenticular preview/playback screen as well as an optional larger format standalone playback screen.

Quite a lot of the images seen in 3D lenticular prints are not true stereoscopic images at all: they are conventional 2D images whose elements have been separated into layers, with software that fills in the edges of the resulting holes and simulates depth between the layers (and can be achieved easily with the latest version of Photoshop, with its 'Content Aware Fill' tool). This effect works surprisingly well, even though each layer is actually flat.

The production stage of lenticular imaging converts the images into interlaced strips with the appropriate measurements for the lens material, printing process, print size, resolution and halftone setting.

3DZ is one of the first lenticular software suites and is still being developed in 2015. Its 3D Lenticular Suite 2015 includes applications to do pretty well everything needed at the creative, production and output stages. Its current interlacer is called V7.

Imagiam, in Barcelona, has been selling its Lenticular Effects modular suite since 2000. This runs on Mac OSX or Windows and offers the creation, interlacing and printing of lenticular images with different effects: flip, zoom, movement, animation, 3D, etc. Developer David Garcia says it is used in demo suites by Heidelberg, KBA and Canon/Océ Denmark.

Chief Media will launch their total lenticular/3D print solution at Visual Impact/Image Expo to be held at Darling Harbour, Sydney 18 to 21 July, 2007.Chief Media Pty

Download and stream How to make a lenticular 3D photo easier and faster.. ... Download Imagiam Lenticular Suite 6.5.1 Demo Mp3 and Videos ... Download Creative Dripping Effect Photoshop Tutorial Splatter Effect Mp3 and Videos.

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Lenticular technologies are becoming increasingly popular. While they have been around for a while, the number of images able to be on a card has dramatically improved. Early lenticular technologies only could have two or three images, however, new ones can hold enough images needed to simulate a video. Furthermore, No special equipment is required and lenticular printing is adaptable to many types of installations and uses.

When looking for lenticular printing services, a great way to know if you are choosing an adequate lenticular printing company is looking at their past work. Although there are many factors to consider, lenticular printing companies that execute the following are likely to create a stunning design for you.

A lot goes into creating impressive lenticular effects. Therefore, it is important to know what to avoid when creating your design, so you do not create a subpar image. Things to avoid when creating a lenticular design include:

How much does lenticular printing cost? The answer is that it varies depending on several factors. This includes the type of finishes and effects that you use, as well as the quantity. The more that you print, the more cost-effective your lenticular printing project will be.

At JohnsByrne, we are lenticular experts! With 20+ years of experience in producing lenticular/plastics, a G7-certified pressroom, and more, our experts can work with you and help you create a stunning lenticular print design. If you are looking for lenticular printing companies in Chicago or Los Angeles, keep JohnsByrne in mind. We are based in both areas! Schedule a free consultation with us today.

We teach our customers how to create their own lenticular images and provide them lenticular supplies. We strive to do whatever we can to help you with your lenticular needs; whether its for business, school or personal interest.

Every first order of Lenticular Lens from comes with a training project, free. The purpose of the training projects is to ensure that your equipment is working correctly and that you are properly following the instructions step by step. We inform all of our customers that following the interlacing, printing and laminating instructions is critical when working with any lenticular project. Each project comes with printed samples. These samples are used as targets for you to compare your own lenticular print after completing the project. Without completing a project, we cannot diagnose any issues that occur when creating your own lenticular prints.

We take a 50-lpi lenticular sheet with the wide viewing angle intended for animation.For printing we use Canon with the resolution of 600 PPI (pixels per inch, do not confuse it with dots per inch).Theoretically, we can encode 12 frames so that each frame gets at least 1 complete pixel (600/50=12).

When observing the encoding strips of the pitch test through the lenticular lens from different angles we see different strips of the encoded image (Fig.5). The same way the lenticular lens works when it separates different frames of the encoded image.

Lenticular Europe, founded by Jake Purches, is one of the world's earliest DIGITAL lenticular design and production studios established in 1998. We are located near Horsham, West Sussex, less than one hour from London and half an hour from the M25.

Our large format Lenticulars are made by Laser C-type photographic methods using our Lightjet printer, which has unparalleled resolution and continuous tone. No grainy lenticulars and no banding artefacts from us!

Our bespoke production is carried out in house. Please contact or email for more information. We prepare lenticular production for litho printing and can provide press management for lenticular lithographic printing.

Jake Purches has been creating lenticular design and print for over 22 years. He has done much pioneering work in making ultra smooth 3d and motion lenticular imaging. He is a Photographer and Computer Graphics / Photoshop expert. He is a writer and trainer in Lenticular litho printing, and has travelled all over the world training printers in Britain, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and South Africa. Jake's design and technical abilities assure the highest level of quality for your project. Jake's interests include holography, laser optics, acoustics and Astronomy. Jake also has expertise in Audio Visual and Loudspeaker systems and recording.

3DZ ExtremeDigi-Art - Neue Visuelle Medien Lenticular and Holograms 3D printing - 3DZ & LCK are two of the of the most advanced easy to use Lenticular and barrier screen printing software (often mistaken for hologram software) packages available. 3DZ & LCK offer professionals and amateurs alike to quickly and easily produce every type of 2D and 3D lenticular image, including Flip, 3D, 2D/3D, Morph, Zoom, Animation and Video sequences, plus combinations. In sizes ranging from 30mm x 30mm right up to 2.5m x 2.5m. 350c69d7ab


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