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Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18 'LINK'

Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18: A Spiritual Practice for Ismaili Muslims

Lailatul Qadr, also known as the Night of Power, is one of the most sacred nights in the Islamic calendar. It is believed to be the night when the Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) by Angel Gabriel. It is also a night of forgiveness, mercy, blessings, and spiritual elevation for Muslims who seek God's grace and guidance.

lailatul qadr tasbih ismaili 18

One of the ways that Ismaili Muslims commemorate this auspicious night is by performing Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18, a special form of zikr (remembrance of God) that consists of 18 phrases recited repeatedly with devotion and concentration. The tasbih is derived from the teachings of the Ismaili Imams, who are the spiritual leaders and descendants of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family).

What are the phrases of Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18?

The phrases of Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18 are as follows:

  • Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa A'li Muhammad (O God, bless Muhammad and his family)

  • Astagfirullah (I seek forgiveness from God)

  • Ya Ali adrikni (O Ali, help me)

  • Ya Ali agisni (O Ali, protect me)

  • Ya Rahmanu ya Rahim (O Most Merciful, O Most Compassionate)

  • Ya Allah (O God)

  • Ya Muhammad (O Muhammad)

  • Ya Ali (O Ali)

  • Ya Fatima (O Fatima)

  • Ya Hasan (O Hasan)

  • Ya Husayn (O Husayn)

  • Ya Ali ibn al-Husayn (O Ali son of Husayn)

  • Ya Muhammad ibn Ali (O Muhammad son of Ali)

  • Ya Ja'far ibn Muhammad (O Ja'far son of Muhammad)

  • Ya Musa ibn Ja'far (O Musa son of Ja'far)

  • Ya Ali ibn Musa (O Ali son of Musa)

  • Ya Muhammad ibn Ali (O Muhammad son of Ali)

  • Ya Ali ibn Muhammad (O Ali son of Muhammad)

The tasbih can be recited in any order or combination, as long as the first phrase is always followed by the second phrase. The tasbih can also be recited with or without beads.

What are the benefits and rewards of Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18?

Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18 is a powerful way to connect with God and His chosen ones on the Night of Power. By reciting the tasbih, one can:

  • Acknowledge and praise God's greatness and mercy

  • Seek forgiveness for one's sins and shortcomings

  • Invoke the blessings and intercession of Prophet Muhammad and his family

  • Honor and remember the legacy and sacrifice of the Ismaili Imams

  • Express one's love and loyalty to the current Imam

  • Purify one's heart and soul from worldly distractions

  • Increase one's faith and spirituality

  • Attain peace and happiness in this life and the hereafter

Lailatul Qadr Tasbih Ismaili 18 is a gift from the Imams to their followers, who have encouraged them to recite it on this special night. According to Imam Aga Ali Shah[^1^], "The reward of the Salawat is like rain. Just as you cannot count the drops of water in the rain, likewise you cannot count the reward of the Salawat." Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah[^1^] also said, "Inshaâallah, you all together come in the Jamatkhana with one heart and perform c481cea774


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