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Welcome to HADO Reading

As an Augmented Reality (AR) sport, HADO puts the power of energy balls and shields in the hands of players on a real-life court. While the rules are simple, the depth of offensive and defensive strategy is infinite. HADO redefines the landscape of sports to push athletes farther than anyone ever thought possible.


Hiroshi Fukuda, founder and CEO of meleap Inc., dreamed of throwing hadoken, like in comics and on TV. This passion burned inside until HADO was realized as a sport in 2014. Today, players can strap on head-mounted displays and armband sensors to wield energy balls and shields on a real-world court as if by magic. 

For HADO PvP, teams can consist of up to 3 players per side meaning 6 players can compete at once. For HADO Monster Battles and HADO Shoot! up to four players can play simultaneously. 

At HADO Reading we offer various options, suited for your individual needs. Including beginner sessions, running for 90 or 120 minutes, teaching the basics with plenty of tume to play rounds over the course of the session. Private Hire, Parties and Corporate events can be timed to suit your individual needs. Typically we recommend a 60 minute booking to experience HADO for a group of 6-12 players.

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